Why You Shouldn’T Move To Boise?

What are the benefits of living in Idaho?

Benefits of Retiring in IdahoAccess to Stunning National Parks.

The state has over 30 state parks and includes part of Yellowstone National Park.


Low Cost of Living.

Low Medical Costs.

Tax Benefits for Seniors.

Low Crime Rate.

A Mild Climate with Four Seasons.

Award-Winning Vineyards & Breweries.More items…•.

Why is boise air quality so bad?

A blanket of cold air settles in the valley. It is usually foggy too. That traps the pollution until weather conditions change enough to break up the inversion. After two weeks of that, the air quality can be pretty bad.

What is the cheapest city to live in Idaho?

What are the most affordable cities in Idaho to move to in 2020?Payette. A small town of just over 7,000 residents, Payette is a Boise suburb barely an hour away from the city. … Chubbuck. … Preston. … Ammon. … Idaho Falls.

Whats it like living in Boise?

Living in Boise offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Boise there are a lot of bars, coffee shops, and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Boise and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Boise are highly rated.

How bad are Boise winters?

Boise winters are fairly mild and dry, and they really kick into gear about mid-November. … Like the summer smoke (fueled by wildfires—more on this in a minute), heavy winter clouds can get trapped by Boise’s surrounding foothills—blotting out the sun for days at a time.

Why is boise so hazy?

Stagnant weather conditions have trapped local pollutants in the skies over the Treasure Valley, creating a thickening haze over Boise.

Why are so many Californians moving to Idaho?

People love that state for endless reasons but the reason they are moving to Idaho is because it is a place that makes more sense from the people to the politics.

How much snow does Boise ID get?

Boise averages 18 inches of snow per year.

What is the best city to live in Idaho?

BOISE, Idaho — Sorry Boise, you didn’t take the crown of the best city to live by the Chamber of Commerce, but Boise did come out ahead of two other Treasure Valley cities. Moscow was ranked the best city, followed by Boise at second, Eagle took third, Meridian was ranked fourth and Coeur d’Alene took fifth place.

Is Boise Idaho a safe place to live?

Safety: More than one Redditor mentioned Boise is a safe place to live. Idaho has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. In the West, only Utah’s crime rate was lower according to data from the Idaho State Police Department. It’s home.

Where in Idaho should you not live?

Here are the 10 worst places to live in Idaho for 2019:Weiser.Emmett.Caldwell.Nampa.Jerome.Pocatello.Burley.Hayden.More items…•

What is the best part of Boise to live?

Best Places to Live in Boise, Idaho:North End. The North End is Boise’s historic gem. … Boise Bench. Check out the Boise Bench neighborhood if you’re looking for a vibrant, up-and-coming community with a blend of hipster and old-school culture. … Northwest Boise. … Southeast Boise. … East End.

Why is the air quality so bad in Idaho?

Idaho air quality is getting worse, and the state is now home to several of the top 25 most polluted areas in the country, the American Lung Association’s 2019 “State of the Air” report finds. Much of the drop in air quality is caused by wildfires, which are increasing as a result of climate change.

Should I move to Boise?

If you enjoy mild weather, unique culture, and the great outdoors all at price far more affordable than much of the US, consider moving to Boise. Boise is one of the fastest growing cities in the Pacific Northwest. It’s one of those rare areas that offer big-city amenities for a small town price.

What to know before moving to Boise?

21 Things You May Not Expect When Moving To BoiseTHIS is always the quintessential photo of Boise. … The Boise metro area houses nearly 1/3 of Idaho’s total population. … There will be hipsters. … Coffee is life. … Have bike, will travel. … We love our parks. … If you don’t love Boise State football, we might have a problem…More items…•

Does Boise smell bad?

You may not notice on your first visit, but Boise, Idaho may be the worst smelling city in America. … The city is quickly plummeting into chaos, and should be avoided at all costs.

Is it cheaper to live in Idaho or Washington?

Of the 11 western states in the U.S., Idaho has the lowest cost of living. In fact, the cost of living in Boise,Idaho is 32% cheaper than in Seattle, Washington. The cost of living is determined by housing costs, utilities, health care, transportation, and groceries. Real estate is also pretty affordable in Idaho.

What is the safest town in Idaho?

RexburgRexburg is the safest city in Idaho. The rapidly growing Madison County city logged just 5 violent crimes in 2018, for a violent crime rate considerably lower than any other in the state.

What is the most dangerous city in Idaho?

PocatelloNew rankings using 2017 FBI data conclude Pocatello is the most dangerous city in the state. POCATELLO — A new ranking has concluded Pocatello is the most dangerous city in Idaho.

What is the best neighborhood to live in Boise Idaho?

Best Neighborhoods in Boise: Finding Your Place to Call HomeNorth End. While the most obvious draw to the North End is its postcard-picturesque bungalows and central location, many residents say its well-organized neighborhood association is one of the area’s greatest strengths. … East End. … Highlands. … Southeast Boise. … Barber Valley. … Depot Bench. … Hidden Springs.

What percentage of Boise is Mormon?

After Utah (which is more than 60 percent LDS), Idaho is considered to have the second highest Mormon population. More than 26 percent of the state’s religious population affiliates with the LDS religion—although only 15 percent live here in Boise and neighboring metro areas.