What Does Tris Tattoo Represent?

Why can’t Tris be attracted to al?

Why can’t Tris be attracted to Al.

Al is too fragile..

Did Tris and Four sleep together?

Tris and Four don’t have sex until Allegiant. Tris and Four have sex. Once Tris and Tobias get to Candor headquarters, they find out that Zeke and Tori are traitors. Later, they show up at headquarters and are revealed not to be traitors but spies.

What secret is she told to keep in divergent?

7. What secret is she told to keep? The secret that Beatrice was told to keep was that she came out divergent. 8.

What is Tris’s second tattoo?

DauntlessThus, her first tattoo represents her family, symbolizing her continued allegiance to her old life in Abnegation; her second tattoo is Dauntless, symbolizing her love for her new community, etc.

What does fours tattoo mean?

PHOTOS: Exclusive Portraits of Shailene Woodley Instead of identifying only as a Dauntless (the brave), the symbols on Four’s tattoo also represent Amity (the peaceful), Abnegation (the selfless), Candor (the honest) and Erudite (the knowledgeable), because he “doesn’t just want to be one thing.”

What is the symbol of divergent?

A major symbol in Divergent are tattoos. In the Dauntless faction it is very rare to find a member without tattoos, piercings or a unique haircut. The tattoo Four has represent the 5 different factions.

Why does al say he chose Dauntless?

Why does Al say he chose Dauntless on Choosing Day? He thinks it’s important to protect people and stand up for them. His father made him. He’d always had a crush on Tris, so when she chose Dauntless, so did he.

What does the hawk tattoo mean to Tori in divergent?

Tori explains that in some cultures, the hawk was a symbol of the sun, so the tattoo reminds her that she conquered her fear of the dark. After Tris joins Dauntless, she has Tori tattoo three birds, one for each member of her family, on her collarbone, as if they’re flying toward her heart.

What do Tris’s fears symbolize?

Tris originally had 7 fears, but later had 6 which included: To be devoured by crows – symbolic of her family turning on her/powerlessness. Drowning in a tank of water – symbolic of weakness and inability to escape. Men reaching for her in her Abnegation room – symbolic, scared of death.

How is Tris bullied?

Tris is bullied by getting “Stiff” spray painted on her mattress, getting made fun of for her body, and getting beaten up by the Chasm. … Tris gets taunted by him and then gets knocked out.

What are Tris’s 6 fears?

Tris’s fears include being devoured by crows, drowning in a tank, being kidnapped in her Abnegation bedroom, killing her family, the ocean and rocks, and being burned at the stake. Tris was able to get past all her fears in record breaking time, which Four was impressed by.

How much older is four than Tris?

In Veronica Roth’s Divergent, Four is 18 years old when he meets 16-year-old Tris. “Theo James who plays the love interest in my film is 28, in the book his character is 18, but in the movie we’re making him about 24/25. He’s kind of ageless in a way.

Is Christina divergent?

Christina is a Dauntless initiate transfer from Candor. She helps Tris onto the train and later they jump from the moving train together onto the roof below. They then become best friends.

What happens when Tris fights Peter in divergent?

Tris learns she’s been assigned to fight Peter, and although Al suggests giving up early, she decides to fight in hopes of placing high in the rankings. But Peter beats her easily, pummeling her until she goes unconscious.

Why did Al try to kill Tris?

Tris smells his signature sage and lemongrass smell, which is mentioned multiple times in the book, and finds that Al is trying to scare/kill her to get rid of his jealousy. She was in the way of his way to the top of the score boards.