Quick Answer: Do Pensioners Get Fuel Allowance This Year?

Do Pensioners get winter fuel allowance?

You usually get a Winter Fuel Payment automatically if you receive the State Pension or another benefit, such as Pension Credit (but not Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Universal Credit).

If you qualify, but don’t get paid automatically, you’ll need to make a claim..

Is winter fuel allowance being paid this year?

Most payments are made automatically between November and December. You should get your money by 13 January 2021 at the very latest.

What date is fuel allowance paid 2020?

28th September 2020Weekly payments will be on the same day you get your pension or social welfare payments. If you opt for two lump sums, these are paid in the first week of October and the second week of January. The Fuel Allowance 2020/21 starts on 28th September 2020 and will last for 28 weeks until 9th April 2021.

How much is the fuel allowance lump sum?

Weekly payments From 4 January 2021, the Fuel Allowance is €28 weekly. You can also be paid in 2 lump sums. If you have not chosen to be paid in 2 lump sums and you wish to do so – see ‘Choosing lump sum or weekly payments’ below.

What date is fuel allowance paid 2019?

The 2019/20 Fuel Allowance season kicks off on Monday September 30, 2019, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has confirmed. Customers entitled to the allowance will get their first payment along with their primary payment on their appropriate payment day that week.

How much is the fuel allowance 2020?

From 6 January 2020, the rate of Fuel Allowance is €24.50 per week, or €686 annually. Currently Fuel Allowance is payable for 28 weeks. It is paid with the applicant’s primary social welfare payment.